Location: Dallas, Texas
Completion: 2019
Scope: Interior & Exterior Lighting Design
Design Team: Overland Partners, Purdy-McGuire, Kimley-Horn

At the ESD Lower School, the centerpiece is the double-level communal space. The lower level provides a large open area for gathering and for projects, with adjacent nooks for quiet reading. The ceiling folds that express some of the function of the levels above are lit with open-aperture linear lighting with internal side-diffusers to provide soft high-angle light to play off the folds. The upper Discovery Zone is diffusely lit with linear wash and graze lights tucked into the skylight wells, with a subtle color accent at night. At the front of this space is a performance zone with plenty of easy-to-adjust lighting to support student productions. Each level has a set of neighborhood pods with surrounding classrooms. The pods have playful “cloud” lighting and wallwashers to support these internal locations. The school features outdoor classrooms on each level, lighting for these traces the perimeter to illuminate the perforated wall material and to signify an inclusive space. Outdoor play areas are dappled with light to encourage discovery.

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