Location: Dallas, Texas
Completion: 2016
Scope: All Interior, Exterior and Site
Design Team: Droese Raney Architecture, Corgan - Dallas, Blum Engineering
Awards: IES 2017 Award of Merit for Interior Lighting Design

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A refreshing take on a luxury department store, this retail concept launched to rival all others.  A special ribbon of light is designed within reflective brass panels, tying the grand entry portal, rooftop dining overhang and porte-cochere together.  Viewed from the exterior, the building is illuminated to appear as a glowing gift, ready to be opened.  

A clean and flexible lighting system was key to allow for configuration changes of the sales floor.  Special care was taken to provide a maintenance friendly design.  All track fixtures and light engines were exactly the same.  Beam spread changes are provided by adding or removing media, making maintenance and reconfiguration simple and fast.  Families of recessed light fixtures highlight specialty materials throughout.  The merchandise is always the focus.

A bar and restaurant caps the building with special patterns of ceiling treatments.  The lighting system provides all manners of white light and color saturations for every day operation, themed events or even concerts.  The daily schedule allows the light sources to be cooler in color temperature during the lunch rush, transitioning to warmer tones for an intimate evening and candlelit dinner.

The Anthony Howe kinetic sculpture at the entry to the motor court is highlighted with RGBA fixtures to provide saturated colors, beautiful pastel cosmetic tones, and an array of white color temperatures.  Static shows are programmed to play when the sculpture is animated by wind.  On still days, the lighting shows animate, giving the impression of movement on the static sculpture.

See the Sculpture in Motion