Location: Dallas, Texas
Completion: 2019
Scope: Interior Lighting Design
Design Team: Droese Raney Architecture
Photography: Elizabeth Lavin - Courtesy of Hatchways

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A futuristic concept in workspaces, Hatchways provides various types of work and meeting spaces to satisfy the preferences of many. From singular workspaces or pods, to meeting cubbies or enclosed larger pods, lighting remains flexible and softly accentuates the curved forms and warm tones. An adjacent café serving health-conscious fare provides an extension of work space in the café proper, as well as at a balcony hovering over the eatery. At the other end of the facility, a bar area facilitates further work or meeting space, and also happy-hour activities. Lighting layers in these spaces change in intensity over the course of the day, rebalancing the effect, and continuing the theme of varying environments in which to work and meet.