Location: NYC, Austin, and Dallas
Completion: 2019 through 2020
Scope: Interior Lighting Design
Design Team: Droese Raney Architecture
Photography: Fredrik Broden

Neighborhood Goods is a department store with constantly changing vignettes of selected brands. The idea is to experience a brand you may never heard of, or can only find online. Check out the goods and purchase online. Necessarily, the lighting had to be very flexible. The position of the main tracks, and the aiming of the heads was designed to create a base layer of excellent coverage so that the lighting would not have to be customized each time the vignette changed - just a few accents added for new signage or feature items. But the ability for wholesale change of vignette layout or areas of focus can be easily accommodated. Each store also has a bar area for casual food and drink. The mood of the bar changes over the course of the day. These are places to sit and review the items online or just to relax. With each store being developed we have been asked to include lighting that will assist with Instagramable moments. With assistance from the architect, creating great backdrops, we have been able to integrate lighting behind perforated panels, within shelving, and outlining niches, all creating great backgrounds for quick pics to share.

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