Location: Dallas, Texas
Completion: 2015
Scope: Small Exhibit Addition
Design Team: GFF Architects, M-E Engineers, Triebold Paleontology, Displays Fine Art Services
Photography: Courtesy of Perot Museum

These mammoth bones were found in Ellis County Texas. The metal support frame was custom fabricated at a fossil preparatory in Colorado. This project required extensive model studies and mock-ups, which included a visit to the lab in Colorado. It was important to light the bones thoroughly without highlighting too much of the armature. With the quick construction schedule, the mock-ups ensured we got the lighting right the first time. The bones are lit from above with track fixtures and from the platform with stem mounted track lights. Many fixture options were studied through mock-ups of various sizes. The final solution used only two different fixtures that could use the same lamp to ensure color consistency between layers. In order to keep the installation clean, the monopoint mounted fixtures on the platform have a custom stem with threaded end for mounting through the plywood platform. Since this is a children’s nature and science museum there are a few bones the paleontologist wanted to make sure were well illuminated. Specifically, the molar and the throat bone. These are two bones not often found in such preserved condition. They are used as a teaching tool, pointed out to the children who view the exhibit. 

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Sketch Up Model Study
Lifesize Print Mockup Study

Lab Mockup Study with Bones

Final Results