Location: Dallas, Texas
Completion: 2013
Scope: Sculpture
Design Team: Mid Ocean Studio, The City of Dallas, Corgan
Awards: 2014 IES Illumination Award of Merit
Publications: Featured in LD+A Magazine 2015 January Edition PDF P. 32

The Sky Torus, by Mid-Ocean Studio is a 70ft diameter ephemeral structure designed to carry objects one might find in the sky. Goal: to express the structure, sky elements, and create a floating, lightweight effect for airport passengers in the concourses and passing underneath.

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Essential Light Design Studio received a section of the sculpture (to erect ourselves) and a few sky objects for mock-up. We tested multiple products and studied various approaches before coming back around to the initial concept. During the mock-up we created a ceiling plane to determine the ideal suspension distance from the ceiling. The final design uses small, linear, RGB chips with linear spread optics on the bottom course of the torus to uplight the frame and ceiling above. The low-voltage power/data cords are neatly attached to the structure. Drivers/power supplies are accessibly located away from the sculpture in the ceiling above.

The Sky Torus is programmed so that every hour on the hour it basks in 10 minutes of bright white light. Followed by various shows, some intense with color, some subtle. Many shows slowly rotate to emulate a gently rotating sky. It is great to observe weary travelers stop for a moment to take in the experience.

Concept Rendering
Mounting Section Detail

In-House Full Scale Mockup Study
Detail Image of Final Installation